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Training & Education

Most mental health providers do not receive training on working with older adults, resulting in mental health problems going undiagnosed and untreated. This can lead to worsening of medical problems, caregiver stress, and unnecessary suffering.
Together we can change this!

Clients Include

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Choose Your Path to Training
with Dr. Koepp 


Online CEU Courses for Individual Professionals

Dr. Koepp offers several courses and certificate programs for mental health and senior care providers focused on meeting the mental health needs of older adults.


These programs are sponsored by the Center for Mental Health & Aging, which is approved to provide CE credits to therapists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, case managers, Aging Life Care Experts... YOU! 


In Person or Virtual Training for Organizations

Dr. Koepp works with organizations to develop educational programming to meet the mental health needs of the older adults that you care for.


Clients range from large mental health and health care companies and community mental health clinics to  State Ombudsman and Area Agencies on Aging, Senior Centers, and beyond.

"Loved this presentation. Meaningful, thought-provoking, moving, well-organized, and useful. I learned a great deal alongside accessing deep emotions that led to a fully integrated experience. Well done and much appreciated."


Take One of Dr. Koepp's Courses

Schedule a Training or Take A CEU Course Online Today

Mental Health & Aging

I offer a variety of CEU workshops and webinars focused on meeting the mental health needs of older adults, including:

Sexual Health & Aging 

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Trauma Informed Care
with Older Adults

"Dr. Koepp is phenomenally knowledgeable in this topic area. The examples used were relatable, applicable and relevant to my current practice and life and will vastly expand how I am able to assist several clients. Her presentation was culturally responsive to the needs of my clientele."


Let's work together to ensure mental health and belonging at every age


Would you like training for your staff?

Contact me to get started. 

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