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Mental Health & Aging Blog

In 2018, I started a blog focused on caring for older adults and meeting the mental health needs of older adults and caregivers. Over time, this evolved into a podcast and building the Center for Mental Health and Aging. I've written hundreds of blog articles, which can be found here at the Center for Mental Health & Aging.

The Center for Mental Health & Aging blog is your “go-to” resource for mental health and aging. Each article contains helpful information to deepen your understanding of aging, mental health in older adulthood, dementia, caregiving, family dynamics, and so much more.

Psychology of Aging Podcast

Join clinical psychologist, Dr. Regina Koepp, and expert guests as they share expert insights surrounding mental health and aging, sexual health in older adulthood, dementia, caregiving, and end of life. Each episode contains evidence-based information and resources to help you deepen your understanding of mental health and aging.

Good news! For some episodes, you earn continuing education credits at the same time! 

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