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Consultation with Dr. Koepp

Helping you navigate complex situations with your older patients

Therapists, you'll be working with more older adults, but may not have had training to adequately address their needs. As a result, you might feel out of your element, stuck, and unsure of how best to help when complex situations arise. 

My Consultation Is Here to Help

Choose Between Individual or Small Group Consultation 

Individual Consultation 


  • I offer individual case consultation (45-60min) via zoom. 

  • Often the clinician requesting consultation has a specific question they need guidance around.

  • Occasionally the clinician and client join this consultation together to discuss complex caregiving, dementia care, chronic illness, or end of life conversations. 

Small Consultation Groups

  • 60-90 minute small group video conference (e.g., HIPAA-compliant Zoom) sessions

  • A range of practice issues can be addressed (e.g., intake assessment, treatment planning, within-session implementation, integration of family and other care partners, legal and ethical concerns, practice management, managing complex situations with older adults and the systems they engage with)

  • Dates for these consultation sessions are TBD.

Get Your Free Clinician's Guide to Working with Older Adults

Get your clinician's guide to working with older adults
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