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Dr. Regina Koepp

Board Certified Clinical Psychologist, Gerontologist, & Aging Expert

Dr. Regina Koepp, Aging Expert and Founder of Center for Mental Health and Aging

On a daily basis, professionals and families approach me with questions about managing the most complicated situations they’re facing with the older adults in their lives.

Questions about dementia, illness, mental health concerns and end of life. This is no exaggeration, from physicians in the medical center that I work in, to the spouse who’s been married for more than 60 years, to adult children caring for their aging parents.

There's so little information in the public about what's typical with aging and not, and how to go about providing care to our loved ones that honors their dignity without sacrificing our own. 

I created the Center for Mental Health and Aging, a professional and public education company,  to ensure that mental health care and support is available to older adults,  because there is no expiration date on healing and transformation. 

I'm so glad you're here!

Mental Health & Aging is for YOU!

It’s for older adults AND the people who care for older adults.

My hope is that by creating open dialogues and providing public education, we can help to build bridges between generations, broaden our understanding of the aging process, dispel myths, challenge stereotypes, and promote health and well-being for older adults and those of us who care for older adults. 

Each week I address common mental health topics related to aging, which include the aging process, relationships, intimacy and sex, driving, creating meaning in life, building resilience, health and wellness, dementia, end of life, caregiving, you name it.

Like I say in my therapy groups: “No topic is off topic, we just have to have a healthy way of talking about it”

So, If you’re an older adult, a professional or family member caring for an aging loved one, or are a professional providing services to older adults and their families, you’re in the right place.

Dr. Regina Koepp, Clinical Psychologist, Gerontologist, and Aging Expert

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