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Caregiving During COVID: 5 Self-Care Strategies for Caregivers

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: Caregiving During COVID: 5 Self-Care Strategies for Caregivers








I'm Dr. Regina Koepp!

I'm a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist and Gerontologist.

I train and advise mental health and senior care professionals to meet the sexual and mental health needs of older adults.


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In less than 15 years, there will be more adults 65 and older than children under 18.

  • 20% of older adults experience a mental health condition.
  • The average mental health provider has not received training to work with older adults.
  • It's imperative that mental health, medical, and senior care professionals effectively address the mental health needs of older adults.

Without effective mental health care & prevention, older adults, their families, and communities will suffer, and mental health and medical systems will bear the cost.

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  • National leader of geriatric mental health care with the Veterans Affairs' Geriatric Mental Health Field Advisory Committee

  • Recognition for outstanding professional service by Robert A. McDonald, Former Secretary of Veterans Affairs

  • Recipient of national innovation grants to design and implement mental health programs

  • Winner of the Emory School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Richard W. Morrell Community Commitment Award

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There's no better time than now to add a Mental Health & Sexual Health Programs to your agency.



We provide multi-disciplinary consultation on mental health and sexual health cases using evidence-based models.


Training Programs

Take your work with older adults to the next level with our top rated GERO CHAMPIONS training programs.




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As a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist and Gerontologist, I provide psychotherapy and consultation to older adults and families using evidence-based, person-centered, and culturally thoughtful approaches.

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