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Multi-disciplinary consultation on complex mental health and sexual health cases.

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There's no better time than now to add a Senior Behavioral Health Clinic to your agency

  • In less than 15 years there will be more adults 65 and older than children 18 years old and younger.
  • 20% of older adults experiencing mental health conditions
  • As the recipient of two large innovation grants to build clinics in major health care systems, Dr. Regina Koepp can help you design and implement your senior behavioral health clinic using the most up to date, evidence-based, culturally informed care models.
  • Best practices in geriatric mental health care include multi-disciplnary teams. We are fortunate to have the expertise of Dr. Lisa Frank, board certified psychiatrist, with experience with geriatric inpatient, outpatient, and senior care communities. Her knowledge is essential to the development of programs treating older adults.
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with Geriatric Mental Health Experts

Dr. Regina Koepp and Dr. Lisa Frank provide expert consultation

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What if you had experts to guide you in treating older adults?

  • By 2034, there will be more adults 65 and older than children under the age of 18
  • 20% of these older adults will experience a mental health condition.
  • There will be more older adults needing mental health care than mental health providers trained to provide mental health care to them.
  • Our resources will help your agency meet the mental health needs of older adults using by evidence-based, ethical, and culturally informed care methods.
  • We work with mental health, health care, and senior care agencies.

Common Consultation Topics

Mental Health

  • Navigation of clinical dilemmas
  • Geriatric Psychopharmacology
  • Dementia care and caregiving
  • Decision making capacity
  • Co-morbid medical and mental health conditions
  • Complex family dynamics
  • Psychotherapy in the context of dementia
  • Traumatic and life altering medical conditions
  • Complicated grief & traumatic loss

Sexual Health

  • Aging and sexuality
  • Dementia and sexuality
  • Caregiving and sexuality
  • Sexual decision making capacity
  • Sexual expression in long-term care communities
  • LGTBQ Aging
  • Sexual expression in long-term care policy development

Support for Professionals

From time to time, we experience multiple losses or traumatic deaths of our patients and residents and need opportunities to process these painful events. We offer:

  • Consultation in helping care teams to grieve, process, and heal from traumatic patient deaths or compounded losses.
  • Bereavement support for professionals
  • Support for the challenges, demands, and losses due to COVID-19 

Our Process

  1. Schedule a discovery call
  2. In this call, we'll identify your concerns and help you clarify your agency's needs focused on mental health care of older adults.
  3. With agreements in place, we'll guide you on your path to gaining confidence & competence in geriatric mental health care
  4. Having new skills and resources, you'll elevate the care you provide to older adults


Your Investment

  • Full Day (6 hours) with both experts (2 heads are better than one) = $6,000
  • Half Day (3 hours) with both experts = $3,000
  • One hour with two experts (this is a great option if you want a multidisciplinary perspective on a couple of cases) = $1,000
  • One hour with one expert (this is a great option if you wanting to a medical or psycho-social perspective) = $500

Meet the Experts

Regina Koepp, PsyD, ABPP

Dr. Regina Koepp is a board certified clinical psychologist and gerontologist who specializes in older adults and families.

As a clinical psychologist at the Atlanta VA Health Care System for 10 years, Dr. Koepp provided direct patient care and consultation on the Gero-Psychiatry Outpatient Mental Health team. Dr. Koepp is a former Assistant Professor at Emory University School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. In 2016 & 2017, Dr. Koepp was the recipient of national innovation grants to develop a family/couples program at the Atlanta VAHCS, where she also served as the Co-Director on the Family/Couples Intervention Team. As founder and CEO of Gero Champions, Dr. Koepp provides training and education to mental health and senior care providers.

Lisa Frank, MD

Dr. Lisa Frank is a board certified psychiatrist who specializes in working with older adults. 

Dr. Frank has served as Medical Director for a community hospital’s Geriatric Psychiatry Unit, Medical Director for the Atlanta VA Health Care System's acute psychiatric inpatient unit, and has worked in a variety of clinical settings including outpatient in the private and community sectors. She was also lead Psychiatrist at the Atlanta VA Health Care System's Cognitive Center for Excellence, working with older adults newly diagnosed with dementia. Dr. Frank is a former faculty member of both Morehouse School of Medicine and Emory University School of Medicine, in Atlanta, Ga.





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Presentations & Workshops

We provide presentations and workshops to mental health, medical, and senior care professionals.

Presentations and workshops range from 1 hour, half days, full days, to 10 weeks.

Mental Health for Older Adults

  •  Older Adults and Resilience in the Face of COVID-19 and Ageism
  • Ageism and Mental Health Care for Older Adults
  • How is COVID19 Affecting the Mental Health of Older Adults
  • Gain Confidence in Treating Older Adults with These 5 Critical Competencies 
  • Mental Health Concerns In Aging: Depression, Anxiety, And Suicidal Thoughts
  • Dementia and Mental Health Concerns: How Are They Different And Where Do They Overlap?
  • Depression, Dementia, And Delirium 
  • Older Adults and Driving: Navigating the Mental Health Challenges of Stopping Driving

Family Dynamics

  • How to Educate Families About Dementia And Include Them In Care
  • The Caregiver's Journey- Understanding the Stages of Caregiving And The Complex Challenges Along The Way
  • Helping Families Navigate the Complex Role Of Being A Guardian Or DPOHA, being a Steward For The Well-Being Of Their Loved One, and be a Loving Family Member
  • Communication Tools for Older Families Having Difficult Conversations 
  • Navigating Family Dynamics in Long-Term Care
  • Ambiguous Loss and Anticipatory Grief: Helping families grieve while their loved one is living. 

Aging & Sexuality / Dementia & Sexuality

  • Aging and Sexuality
  • Creating Intimacy in Couples Living with Dementia
  • Sexual expression in the context of Dementia & Diminished Capacity: Benefits & Risks
  • The Role Our Own Values Play In Responding To And Creating Policies Related To Older Adults And Sexual Expression
  • Guidelines For Determining Capacity To Consent To Intimate Relationships In The Context Of Diminished Capacity
  • 7-step framework for developing a Sexual health policy for Long-Term Care Residents

Dementia Care

  • Dementia 101: Everything You Should Know About Dementia, But Never Learned
  • Doing Therapy With Individuals And Families With Dementia
  • Dementia And Mental Health Concerns: How Are They Different And Where Do They Overlap?
  • Enhancing Quality Of Life In The Context Of Dementia Disorders

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

  • Deepening A Practice Of Cultural Humility In Working With Older Adults And Their Families
  • Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Senior Care
  • Behavioral Health Considerations when Working with African American Older Adults

  • Compassion, Communication, and Inclusive Communities
  • Multicultural Supervision (for Mental Health Supervisors)
  • Multicultural Awareness Knowledge, and Skills in Practice Program (MAPP)- 10 week, experiential, small group training for professionals

What are people saying

"Dr Regina, educates on a sensitive topic with much needed information, humor and compassion."

Maggie Christofferson BASW, Education Coordinator, Alzheimer's Association, Washington Chapter

"Dr. Koepp is knowledgeable, suggested practical applications and has her own brand of humor and irreverence that makes for an engaging learning experience. In addition her presentation was polished and professional. I would highly recommend her as a trainer and teacher."

Nirmala Dhar, LCSW, ACSW, Older Adult Behavioral Health Initiative Project Director, Oregon Health Authority, Health Systems Division

"After attending one of her presentations, Dr. Koepp makes you feel as if any challenge can be conquered or controlled, whether it's dealing with geriatrics in general or family dynamics with those suffering from dementia."

Tanesha King-Roland, MSN, RN, CRRN, Geriatric Nurse Manager

"As a member of the sandwich generation myself, I appreciate the reminder of the importance of intimacy, connection, autonomy, and support across our lifespan. She uses beautiful examples of the challenges older adults face, and calls us into reflection and action as professionals and humans. And there are lots of resources, too. Thank you Dr. Regina Koepp for this amazing webinar. I’m better prepared to support the mental and sexual health of older adults because of your workshop!"

Amy C. Bryant, EdS, LPC, Wild Child Counseling

"I've had the pleasure of attending several of Dr. Koepp's workshops and I'm struck by not only her wealth of knowledge, but her delivery on difficult and often emotional topics. She kept me engaged and thoroughly addressed my questions so that I'm able to go back and improve my practice."

Stella Nelms, PhD, Palliative Care and Pain Psychologist

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