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Choose Your Path to Becoming a Gero Champion


Training programs for senior care staff and providers that promote sexual health for older adults & adults with dementia


Training programs for mental health agencies and providers that promote mental health for older adults and their families


Training programs for mental health and senior care providers that enhance cultural humility in working with older adults

I'm so glad you're here!

I'm Dr. Regina Koepp. I'm a board certified clinical psychologist and gerontologist.  With more than 15 years working in mental health, medical, and senior care settings and as a national expert in mental health and aging, I know first hand the challenges that senior care and mental health providers face.

My Gero Champions training programs address these challenges using:

  • Science
  • Dignity
  • Compassion

What Are People Saying?


"After attending one of her presentations, Dr. Koepp makes you feel as if any challenge can be conquered or controlled, whether it's dealing with geriatrics in general or family dynamics with those suffering from dementia."

Tanesha King-Roland, MSN, RN, CRRN

Geriatric Nurse Manager

Elevate the Care You Provide to Older Adults & Their Families

4 Steps to Becoming a Gero Champion

Choose Your Training Program

Choose from one of the 3 programs above: Mental Health, Sexual Health, or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Schedule the Training

Book a call with Dr. Koepp to answer all your questions and schedule a training for your agency. Availability is limited - call now.

Complete the Training

Show up to the training event and be prepared to take notes and have fun learning (don't forget your cape).

Elevate the Care You Give

After completing one of our top rated training programs, you'll be ready to take the care you give to new heights.

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Gero Champions Programs

Sexual Health Gero Champions

Studies show that older adults continue to enjoy intimate relationships throughout their lives.

In fact, sexual intimacy has many benefits for older adults. A recent study revealed that older adults who engage in sexual activity score better on cognitive tests.

Even older adults with dementia maintain a need for intimate connection. And, in fact... benefit from intimacy.

Sexual intimacy among older adults with dementia, however, has many associated risks and complications.

Does your agency have a framework for honoring a person's right to sexual expression while protecting them and other residents from harm?

Want to learn more? Email Dr. Koepp's team at [email protected]

Mental Health Gero Champions

The population of the United States is aging at significant rates. In fact, by 2034, there will be more people aged 65 and older than under the age of 18.

It's imperative that mental health providers understand mental health concerns that commonly affect older adults and have effective treatments. Unfortunately, most mental health providers have not received training to adequately assess and treat older adults and their families.

Is your agency prepared to meet the mental health needs of older adults?

Want to learn more? Email Dr. Koepp's team at [email protected]

Equity & Inclusion Gero Champions

In order to provide effective mental health and senior care that meets ethical guidelines and truly understands the individuals and families your agency serves, providers must possess awareness, knowledge, and skills surrounding intersecting multicultural identities.

Agencies lacking cultural humility have poorer client satisfaction, higher rates of dropout, and higher legal costs.

Are the providers in your agency aware of how their own identity variables influence their work with the people they serve?

Want to learn more? Email Dr. Koepp's team at [email protected]

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