The Caring for Aging Parents



Stop guessing which documents you need.

This checklist will help you organize the essential documents needed to care for your aging parents, including:

- Legal Documents
- Insurance Documents
- Financial Documents
- Professional Contacts

The Caring for Aging Parents


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I'm Dr. Regina Koepp!

I'm a Stanford-trained, Board Certified Clinical Psychologist and a Professor of Gerontology (that’s a fancy word for the study of aging and older adults).

I specialize with older adults and families and am bringing my expertise out of the therapy room and classroom and straight to you!

If you're caring for your aging parents, you probably have a million questions but don't know who to ask. You might be feeling overwhelmed, out of your element, like you're giving more than you get, and just plain burned out!

I'm here to help! My Caring for Aging Parents Show, blog, and  free guides and checklists help you manage the most complicated situations with your aging parents, like dementia, illness, and end of life.

Because you need peace of mind knowing that you're doing everything you can to help your aging parents live their best lives... without giving up your own life in the process!



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