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Safe Driving Recommendations for Older Adults! 5 Tips! (Ep #014)


Driving is so important to older adults. It helps them to stay socially connected, helps them to experience independence, it reduces risk of depression and isolation, and so much more.


There are so many good reasons that older adults want to drive for as long as possible. So in today’s episode, I will share 5 tips for helping your aging parent drive safely for as long as possible. 



In my work with older adults and families, I have found several resources to help older adults not only remain driving, but do so safely. I'm delighted to share them with you!

1. Get Educated

The first step in helping your parent to remain driving safely as long as possible is to help them get educated. There are several really good online resources to provide education to help your aging parents remain driving safely. Here are my three favorites:

  • NHTSA has downloadable, easy to read documents on how various medical conditions (like dementia, arthritis, diabetes,...
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Aging Parent Refusing to Go to the Doctor? (Ep #003)

You care about your aging parent so much and for some reason, they're just not listening to you and your pleas for them to go to the doctor. You try and you try, but nothing you say is convincing your parent that whatever is going on in their body is worth checking out. So, here are...

5 Tips for what to do if your parent is refusing to see the doctor!

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1. Consider changing your approach.
If you’re really worried about your aging parent, you might have the tendency to be demanding or a little bit pushy. Perhaps back off a bit and share your concerns from another angle. Instead of saying “dad, you HAVE to go to the doctor, the swelling in your leg has gotten out of hand”, try having a pleasant conversation then sharing, “dad, I notice that the swelling in your leg is getting worse and it concerns me because it could be a sign of something medically wrong and I think we should check it out.”...
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