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Preventing Financial Elder Abuse & Exploitation with Dr. Peter Lichtenberg

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: Preventing Financial Elder Abuse & Exploitation with Dr. Peter Lichtenberg

Real Talk about Hospice and Palliative Care with Lauren Marcewicz, MD






Have you ever had the experience of meeting up with a dear friend for coffee or talking with your trusted therapist, and all of a sudden, you stumble into a conversation that's a little scary and emotional? Maybe you hesitate for a minute and ask yourself if you're gonna take the risk and really "go there".

I don't know about you, but when I find myself in these situations with a person I trust, and I make the choice to dive in, I end up learning a lot about myself and having an even closer relationship with the person I'm talking with.

I'm going to ask you to "go there" with me today as I interview Dr. Lauren Marcewicz, Palliative Care Physician. In this interview with Dr. Marcewicz, we have a real conversation about hospice, palliative care, family dynamics, and so much more.


Here's a peak inside my interview with Dr. Lauren Marcewicz:

  • [04:49] Dr. Marcewicz shares what drew her to end of life care.
  • [08:45] Learn one...
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Love After Loss: The Courage to Find Love After Widowhood (Ep #007)




Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be married for more than 50 years, become a widow, then have the courage to put yourself out there and find love again?


Well today is a very special day because I get to introduce you to Steve and Marie. A new couple who found love after loss in their late 70s. In today’s episode Steve and Marie share their love story and open up about their journey from grieving to finding love again.


Here’s a look inside my interview with Steve and Marie:

  • [03:52] After meeting Marie at the Elks Club, 3 years earlier, Steve got the courage to ask Marie out for a cup of coffee. Their love story starts here.
  • [06:15] Steve and Marie share the reactions of friends and family when they learned of Steve and Marie's romance.
  • [07:43] Mature love is different from young love; Steve and Marie share what it's like to find love at this stage of life.
  • [09:21] Each widowed after 50 or more years of marriage,...
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Your Guide to Grief and Bereavement During COVID-19

Over the past few weeks listeners have been reaching out to me sharing their stories of loss. I’ve heard from several people that their aging parent or their older sister-in-law, or their older cousin died. Some due to coronavirus and others due to dementia, or even a sudden heart attack.


I've created this blog post and a two-part podcast series on grief to give affirmation and acknowledgement that there are many of you out there who are grieving. This grief series is my way of honoring you and your loved ones. And to make sure that nobody is alone with grief and bereavement during COVID.


In this article, I answer many of the frequently asked questions I get about grief (including some of the questions recently posed to me by journalists), and I share resources for grief and bereavement support.


My hope with this grief series, is that you feel less alone in your grief during COVID, that you have more courage to face the losses in your life, and...

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Grief and Loss During COVID (Part 2): Forced to Grieve Without a Funeral - Ep #006





Lauren Dykovitz was sitting vigil by her mom's bedside while she was on hospice with end stage Alzheimer's Disease during COVID. Lauren would imagine people lining up out the door at her mom's funeral and her biggest fear was that her mom would die during COVID and wouldn't get the funeral she and her family had dreamed of ... she was right.


I've created this two-part series on grief to give public affirmation and acknowledgement that there are many of you out there who are grieving. Today's podcast is my way of honoring you and your loved ones. And to make sure that nobody is alone with grief and bereavement during COVID. 

In today's podcast to help us understand grief during COVID, I have the privilege of interviewing Lauren Dykovitz. If you've been following me for a while, you'll remember that I interviewed Lauren for my Caring for Aging Parents Show on January 15, 2020. Lauren's mom sadly passed away at the beginning of...

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Grief and Loss During COVID (Part 1): Anticipatory Grief and Ambiguous Loss - Ep #005





Has your older loved one been in the hospital since the Coronavirus Pandemic and not allowed to have family by their side to comfort and advocate for them? 


This experience is incredibly upsetting for families... because in times of suffering and illness, it's healthy to reach to others for closeness. In fact, being physically close with our loved ones when we're sick actually provides comfort and helps us to heal.


This is a cruel irony indeed. On one hand, physical comfort is healing and protective... and on the other hand, with COVID, physical closeness can cause us harm. Social distancing while our loved ones are sick, has taken away one of our healthiest coping and soothing strategies.


Here are just a couple of statements I've heard from the people I work with. Can you relate?


"My aging parent needs me. They're not going to have anybody there to advocate for them in the hospital."


"I've been married 60...

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