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Which Legal Documents Do I Need to Help My Aging Parents? (Ep #007)

caregiving documents Jul 03, 2019


Taking the time to prepare and organize documents when it comes to caring for your aging parents in the short run will set you up for smoother transitions in the long run!


Since there are so many more legal, insurance, and financial documents than the ones I included in the video, I created a comprehensive Essential Documents Checklist  to accompany this blog. It's filled with documents that you'll want to gather to help you manage your parents' care, including:

  • legal documents
  • insurance documents
  • financial documents
  • professional contacts

You can download it here!


You'll want to gather these documents over time (but don't wait too long). Starting this process as soon as possible is ideal. This way, you and your aging parents will have a better chance of working together as a team.


And, speaking of teamwork!


I recommend giving a copy of this checklist to your aging parents and asking them to:

1. Gather documents and store them together...

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