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Is My Aging Parent Safe To Drive? 10 Driving Warning Signs! (Ep #015)

I’ve been talking a lot about driving and how older adults are by and large good drivers. I've also shared how to keep older adults driving safely for as long as possible.


Even with this said, there may come a time that you’re concerned about your parent’s driving. You might catch yourself wondering,

“My parent just made a major driving error.

Is this normal? Or something I should be concerned about?” 


In this episode, I share warning signs, or red flags to consider, to let you know that you may want to start the conversation with your parent about changing their driving or stopping driving all together.



Every day, I get questions from physicians, social workers, nurses, friends, and so many others about older adults and driving. So, I decided to create a series on driving in the hopes that it will help you to navigate a very difficult topic for many families.


So here are warning signs...

Or red flags to...

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How To Find Senior Living Options! A Step By Step Guide (Ep #010)

This month has been all about senior housing!!!
A couple of weeks ago, I described the different living options for older adults (link here!). I answered the question, "WHAT are the different housing options for older adults, anyway?!"
Last week, I reviewed WHY it's so important to know the different types of living options (read it here!).
In this blog and video, I give you a tutorial on HOW to go about finding living options.
I figured, it's one thing to tell you that you need to know the living options, it's quite another to help you figure out how to go about finding them!
As we get started, I want you to know that I am not affiliated with any of the resources I am about to list. My goal is to give you options and methods to help ease the process of caring for your aging parents. With this in mind,  I'll share pros and cons for each method I list.
For this blog you will really want to watch the video!...
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Why You Should Know Living Options For Older Adults! (Ep #009)


Last week, I listed the various types of living environments for older adults, this week, I wanted to share exactly why you should know living options for your aging parents.


Why is knowing the different living options for older adults so important?

  1. You need to know what options are available as your parents' care needs change.
  2. Knowing options will help you to identify the best fit and feel for your parents’ care needs
  3. Being familiar with options before you need them will help to increase your comfort in conversations with your parents about their living options. (The more comfort you have, the healthier the conversation is likelier to be!)


Here are are...


7 (Additional) Reasons Why It’s Important to Know The Different Living Options For Older Adults!


Watch it here, read it below, or do both! 



7 Reasons Why It’s Important To Know

The Different Living Options For Older Adults!


1. Helps you to prepare...

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What Are The Different Living Environments For Older Adults? (Ep #008)


Did you know that most older adults DO NOT live in Nursing Homes?


That's right!

In 2010, only 4.5% of older adults were living in nursing homes. But somehow there's a misperception that most older adults live in nursing homes.

So, if they don't live in Nursing Homes, where do where DO older adults live?

The vast majority of older adults (93.5%) live in.... (drum roll).... the community!

Because there are so many misperceptions about where older adults live, I thought I would take this opportunity to describe the different environments that older adults live in!


Watch it here!



So, why is knowing the different living options for older adults so important?

  1. You need to know what options are available as your parents' care needs change.
  2. Knowing options will help you to identify the best fit for your parents’ care needs
  3. Being familiar with options before you need them will help to increase your comfort in conversations with your parents about...
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Which Legal Documents Do I Need to Help My Aging Parents? (Ep #007)

caregiving documents Jul 03, 2019


Taking the time to prepare and organize documents when it comes to caring for your aging parents in the short run will set you up for smoother transitions in the long run!


Since there are so many more legal, insurance, and financial documents than the ones I included in the video, I created a comprehensive Essential Documents Checklist  to accompany this blog. It's filled with documents that you'll want to gather to help you manage your parents' care, including:

  • legal documents
  • insurance documents
  • financial documents
  • professional contacts

You can download it here!


You'll want to gather these documents over time (but don't wait too long). Starting this process as soon as possible is ideal. This way, you and your aging parents will have a better chance of working together as a team.


And, speaking of teamwork!


I recommend giving a copy of this checklist to your aging parents and asking them to:

1. Gather documents and store them together...

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How to Talk With Your Siblings About your Aging Parents’ Care! (Ep #006)



Aging parents and sibling relationships are super complicated! Throw caregiving demands on top of family conflict, and what do you get? Resentment! Burnout! And, family members not talking for months or years at a time!


But, it doesn’t have to be this way.


In this article, I share...

7 Tips For Talking With Your Siblings About Your Aging Parents’ Care.


These tips will help to prevent burnout when caring for aging parents and strengthen the relationships between you and your siblings. I mean, who doesn’t want that?


Watch it! Read it! Or do both!


1. Call For A Sibling Meeting

When you have concerns about your aging parents' needs or care, it can be helpful to call for a meeting between you and your siblings so that everyone can get on the same page.


This is really important because you may have your own ideas about how things should be done while your siblings have their own ideas. Not to mention that you may...

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How to Talk with Aging Parents About Their Needs and Wishes (Ep #005)



How to Talk with Aging Parents About Their Needs and Wishes


It’s tough to know how to talk with older parents about difficult topics. Are you gonna say the wrong thing and push your elderly parent away?


In this episode (#005) of THE CARING FOR AGING PARENTS SHOW, I share 7 tips for talking with older parents about their needs and wishes related to caregiving and difficult topics.


Emotions tend to run high around difficult topics like driving, independent living, health decisions, and managing money. Taking the time to prepare for these conversations will set you up for success.


So watch the video now!


Here's an overview of the 7 tips I share for talking with your aging parents about their needs and wishes with caregiving and difficult topics!


Tip 1: Call for a Parent/Family Meeting

Ask to meet with your parents to talk about their wishes in older adulthood. By calling for a family (or one:one) meeting you and your...

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How To Start the Conversation With Your Aging Parents! (Ep #004)

Many people wait until there's a crisis before having a conversation with their parents about their future. You know, planning for needs and changes in older adulthood.

And this makes sense! Conversations about what life might look like down the road can be painful for both older adults and the people who love them. It's difficult to face the possibility of sickness, frailty, and loss of independence. And, as a result, we ALL tend to avoid these conversations.

Well, avoid no longer!

In this fourth episode of The Caring for Aging Parents Show, I share tips on starting this conversation!

And BONUS! I share 6 conversation starters!

Watch it now!


Here's an overview of  the tips for talking with your aging parents about their future:

1. Don't wait until there is a crisis! Starting these conversations long before your parent has a medical, mental health, or financial crisis is the best approach. Your parents are going to have A LOT of transitions in their lives and some of...

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Aging Parent Refusing to Go to the Doctor? (Ep #003)

You care about your aging parent so much and for some reason, they're just not listening to you and your pleas for them to go to the doctor. You try and you try, but nothing you say is convincing your parent that whatever is going on in their body is worth checking out. So, here are...

5 Tips for what to do if your parent is refusing to see the doctor!

(watch it now!)

1. Consider changing your approach.
If you’re really worried about your aging parent, you might have the tendency to be demanding or a little bit pushy. Perhaps back off a bit and share your concerns from another angle. Instead of saying “dad, you HAVE to go to the doctor, the swelling in your leg has gotten out of hand”, try having a pleasant conversation then sharing, “dad, I notice that the swelling in your leg is getting worse and it concerns me because it could be a sign of something medically wrong and I think we should check it out.”...
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Worried Your Aging Parent Has Memory Loss? (Ep #002)


Worried Your Aging Parent Has Memory Loss?


It's normal for an older adult to forget where they put their keys, look all over for their glasses, then realize that they're wearing them, or have trouble remembering someone's name. But, there are times when memory loss can be really scary and concerning.


Here are 5 tips for for helping your aging parent when you're concerned they may have memory loss

Watch, read, or do both! You choose


1. Write down what you observe.

If you're noticing changes in your parent's memory, or changes in cognitive function (this is a fancy term for the way the brain thinks, remembers, processes information, etc), it is really important that you keep track of specific examples that you notice.


For example, My mom got lost the other day driving home from a store that she's been going to for years. Or, My dad’s been leaving the stove on and burning food. Or, my mom has been rummaging through drawers and can never find...

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