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Art & Alzheimer's: Dementia Awareness Through Photography with Gina Martin

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: Art & Alzheimer's: Dementia Awareness Through Photography with Gina Martin

Hallucinations, Delusions, & Antipsychotic Medications. Interview with Dr. Lisa Frank- Part 2 (Ep #029)


One of the most common questions y'all send to me and that I'm also asked frequently in my own practice with families are questions surrounding hallucinations, delusions, and psychosis.


So, today, Psychiatrist, Dr. Lisa Frank, helps us understand psychosis, hallucinations, delusions, and antipsychotic medications!


Some of you have written to me saying:







In this interview, Dr. Frank answers these questions and so much more about hallucinations, delusions, and antipsychotic medications in the context of dementia disorders! This is the second of a 3-part interview with Psychiatrist, Dr. Lisa Frank.


Watch the interview now!


Read transcript here!


Lisa Frank, MD is a board certified psychiatrist with special interests in geriatric psychiatry, trauma, and mood disorders. Dr. Frank has practiced in a variety of clinical settings, including inpatient psychiatry units, partial hospitalization programs, and...

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Dementia, Delirium & When to Seek Medical Care. Interview with Dr. Lisa Frank- Part 1 (Ep #028)


One of the most complicated situations families that I work with are faced with has to do with older adults with dementia developing a delirium.


Is the dementia worsening? Or is it a delirium? It's so hard to tell.

In this week’s episode, I am delighted to interview my best friend, Dr. Lisa Frank to talk with us about dementia, delirium, and when to seek medical care.
This is the first of a 3-part interview with Psychiatrist, Dr. Lisa Frank. 


In this interview, Dr. Frank explains the difference between dementia and delirium and talks about the signs that you should be aware of that would indicate that your loved one needs medical care. She also gives an overview of what to expect in the Emergency Room with your loved one with dementia, who may also have delirium. And, we talk about the important role that families play.


Watch the interview now!

Read transcript here!


Lisa Frank, MD is a board certified...

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The Most Inspiring End of Life Story Ever Told. Interview with MJ Grant (Ep #027)


In this second interview with MJ Grant, MJ shares the most intimate details of an end of life conversation she had with her dad, Manley "Mannie" Grant.


In this interview, MJ also shares about how it was discovered that her dad was deaf and the information that his family received from professionals about how to communicate with him (unfortunately the guidance Manley's family received was not affirming of him).


MJ also describes her dad's painful illness journey and her role as a caregiver. She opens up about her grief process, shares how she knows that she is burning out as a caregiver, AND her favorite self-care strategies.

My hope is that by watching this video, you will have the courage to lean in to difficult end of life conversations when you are faced with them.


Grab a box of Kleenex! This conversation will leave you moved and inspired!


Read transcript here!


About MJ Grant

MJ is a remarkable woman! She is a CODA, that's a...

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Dementia Can Be Beautiful with MJ Grant and Her Mom (Ep #026)

In this first of a two-part interview,  I have the incredible honor of interviewing Mary Jane, "MJ", Grant about her experiences with caring for her mom with dementia.

You may remember MJ Grant's video that went viral, called "Dementia Can Be Beautiful". It's had more than 2.2 million views (on Facebook alone!) and shows MJ and her mom sitting silently in a car signing with each other.
In the video, MJ's mom, Carmen (Wiggins) Grant, who is deaf and has dementia, doesn't remember that MJ is her daughter. During the conversation, MJ's mom comes to discover MJ and they share a warm embrace. The level of love and connection in this video is a sight to behold!
I start my interview with MJ Grant talking about the "Dementia Can Be Beautiful" video, including how and why she made it, and what makes it so special.


[Read transcript here!]


In this interview, MJ also opens up about her mom's history of depression and anxiety, her mom's dreams of...
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Talking With Aging Parents About Their Military Service (Ep #025)


You may be surprised to hear that about half of today’s Veterans are 65 and older.

If you're caring for an aging Veteran, you may have many questions but not know where to start. Once you do get started, you might not know HOW TO ACTUALLY HAVE a conversation with your loved one about their military service.
Maybe you're afraid of saying the wrong thing, pushing too hard, or maybe you're afraid that starting this conversation will open pandora's box of memories.
I have been working with older Veterans and their families for more than 10 years, so I thought it would be helpful to share these expert tips on talking with aging parents about their military service with you!


 [Read the Transcript]


Chances are, if you're caring for an aging parent (65 or older) who served in the military, their service was influenced by WW-II, the Korean War, or the Vietnam War.


Offering the opportunity for your aging parents to share about...

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Dementia is NOT a Normal Part of Aging! (Ep #024)


You’ve heard people say “she’s doing great! She’s old, but she’s all there!” or “he’s 90 and still so sharp!”


These statements about older adults make the assumption that with aging comes serious cognitive problems, like dementia! But, these ideas are actually not supported by science and in fact, are a myth and a direct result of ageism, which includes bias and stereotypes based on age, and affects older adults more than any other group. 


In today’s episode, I want to share an important message that DEMENTIA IS NOT A NORMAL PART OF AGING!


 [Read transcript here!]


There is a big myth out there that with age comes dementia. And while, with age the risk for dementia does in fact increase, it’s important to know that Dementia is NOT a normal part of aging!! 


What is dementia?!

Dementia is a general term that we use to describe a certain type of brain condition...

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Talking With Your Partner (When You Don't Agree) About Moving Aging Parents In With You! (Ep#023)

The idea of moving your aging parents in with you is complicated and if you're facing this possibility AND you're in a relationship, this can up the ante of complications.

A few weeks ago, I was featured in the Chicago Tribune in an article that had to do with how to go about making the decision to move your aging parents in with you! In today’s episode, I take a deeper dive into what to do if you and your partner don’t agree on moving your aging parents in with you!


[ Read Transcript Here ]


 Today,  I wanted to dive a little deeper and talk about what to do if you and your partner don’t agree on moving your aging parents in with you! 


You and your partner were raised differently. You had different parents, different family structures, different family systems, and different roles and values! Your relationship with your aging parents is unique and your partner’s relationship with their aging parents is unique as well. So...

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Moving Older Parents in With You? These 7 Tips Will Help! (Ep# 021)

aging parents blog housing Oct 15, 2019


A few weeks ago, I was featured in the Chicago Tribune in an article that had to do with how to go about making the decision to move your aging parents in with you!


In today’s episode, I take it a step further and share tips for moving your aging parents (or in-laws) in with you AND I talk about pros and cons to help you really think about this decision!


 [Read Transcript Here!]


Today, I wanted to walk you through...


7 tips to consider If you’re in the process of moving your aging parents (or in-laws) in with you.


1. Take your time with this move/transition and lay a roadmap.

Sometimes, crisis strikes and you have to act fast. But, if you’re considering this move and there is no crisis, really take the time to think it through and be mindful each step of the way. This includes many conversations with your spouse and children. And, even many conversations with your parents (if they’re able). Maybe even...

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What To Do When Your Aging Parent Refuses to Stop Driving? (Ep #020)



For the past few weeks,  I’ve been talking with you about safe driving, driving retirement, and talking with aging parents about stopping driving. Well today, I’m gonna share what to do if your aging parent is no longer safe to drive, but is refusing to stop driving. This is incredibly stressful, but my tips in this video will help! 



From time to time, I run across situations in which older adults flat out refuse to stop driving, even after all of the assessments have been completed, their doctor tells them they are NO LONGER SAFE to drive, and their driver’s license has been revoked. 


These situations are really stressful, leaving you in a tight bind. You don’t want to be in conflict with your aging parent (you have dreams of living in a Hallmark aging story), and at the same time, you don’t want your parent putting themselves and others at risk of harm.

You might find yourself to be super...

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How To Talk With Older Adults About Stopping Driving Without Pushing Them Away! (Ep #019)


You’ve heard the expression, all good things must come to an end.  Sometimes this means an end to driving.

It today’s episode, I share...

10 tips for talking with your aging parent about stopping driving… without pushing them away. 

Every day, I get questions from physicians, social workers, nurses, friends, and so many others about older adults and driving. So, I decided to create a series on driving in the hopes that it will help you to navigate a very difficult topic for many families.

This episode will help you tackle this difficult conversation with grace and confidence!



10 Tips for Talking with Your Aging Parents about Stopping Driving Without Pushing Them Away!

Tip #1 - Prepare for the Talk

Before you have this conversation with your parent, take the time to prepare. And, I mean, really prepare. Here’s how!

1. Ride in the car with them and see how they do (you may be surprised to find that they’re actually a...

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