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When Caregivers Have Chronic Medical Illness of Their Own with Dr. Kandi Schmidt

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: When Caregivers Have Chronic Medical Illness of Their Own with Dr. Kandi Schmidt

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If you work with older adults and their families, chances are, you haven't had the opportunity to train and prepare for ALL of the complexities older adults and their families face.

My Trainings & Workshops can help!

Speaking Engagements

I frequently present keynotes and talks at healthcare, university, community-based, corporate, and professional conferences. I try to bring a sense of humor and meaning to everything I do. My personal philosophy: No topic is off topic, we just need a healthy way of talking about it!

Training & Workshops

I tailor workshops to meet the needs of staff and organization. Workshops vary in length between 3 hours and 3 days. I view each workshop as a unique opportunity to broaden and deepen the knowledge of individuals and organizations working with and providing care/services to older adults and their families.

"Dr. Koepp is deeply compassionate about topics from geriatrics, dementia, and aging in general. After attending one of her presentations, she makes you feel as if any challenge can be conquered or controlled, whether it's dealing with geriatrics in general or family dynamics that include those suffering from dementia. "

Tanesha King-Roland, MSN, RN, CRRN
Geriatric Nurse Manager

"I've had the pleasure of attending several of Dr. Koepp's workshops and I'm struck by not only her wealth of knowledge, but her delivery on difficult and often emotional topics. She kept me engaged and thoroughly addressed my questions so that I'm able to go back and improve my practice."

Dr. Stella Nelms
Palliative Care Psychologist

"Great information. The training provided education and made me think about my personal values versus the values & policies of my organization"

Attendee of Sexuality & Dementia Presentation

"Dr.Koepp was extraordinary! Loved her presentation!"

Attendee of Sexuality & Dementia Presentation

Topics Include

Dementia Care

I offer evidence-based presentations across all stages of dementia, from early, middle, to end. I help providers and families navigate dementia care, including, behavioral management of irritability and agitation, and other challenges common with dementia.

Caring for Aging Parents

People caring for their aging parents are in a constant bind wondering whose needs to put first, experiencing complex emotions (like anger, resentment, and guilt), and so much more. My presentations provide insight into this complex role and how to navigate it!

Illness & End of LIfe

We live in a world that promotes recovery and getting better, but there comes a point in life, where recovery is not an option. My presentations focus on the emotional and moral complexity of living with life altering illnesses, adjustment to illness, ambiguous loss, end of life, and grief and bereavement. 

End of Life Couples

I'm a certified couples therapist and I specialize with older couples & couples with life altering medical problems. I help couples maintain a sense of connection and security during times of pain and loss. My presentations give a glimpse into end of life relationships.

Intimacy & Sexuality in Older Adulthood

Yes! Older adults still crave intimate connection! And, Newsflash!  Intimacy and sexuality are actually healthy in older adulthood. My presentations discuss intimacy and sexuality in older adulthood and in the midst of dementia disorders.

Mental Health in Older Adulthood

20% of older adults have a mental health condition. In these presentations, I discuss mental health conditions in older adults, how to distinguish them from medical conditions, and treatment recommendations.


Self-care is the best care! The more grounded and healthy we are, the better able we are to care for those we love. This is why I provide trainings on helping family members and providers to take the time to really care for themselves. Because you deserve some TLC, too!

Ethical Decision Making

In working with older adults and their families, there are countless ethical binds providers and family members face. I provide workshops on common ethical dilemmas and guidance on ethical decision making. For example, I often discuss capacity to consent to a sexual relationship in the context of dementia disorders.

Equity and Inclusion for ALL Older Adults

Older adults and their families are incredibly diverse. To provide quality care, providers must continuously work toward multicultural humility. My workshops challenge our assumptions and biases by looking more deeply within ourselves. Then applying this awareness so that we live with a greater sense of integrity and grace in this world.


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